Thank you for making a virtual visit to learn more about Total Child Preschool. If you are considering Total Child for your child I urge you to contact me for a tour. I know you will find our community to be unique and wonderful.

What is so unique about Total Child? I think there are three things that make our center different… and wonderful.

Our staff

Please be sure that you visit the section entitled “Staff” to read our staff’s  bios and  learn more about their credentials. It is impressive! What’s more important than their credentials, however, is who they are. I have worked in early childhood for more than 18 years and I am just in awe of our teachers and assistants. They are incredibly talented and dedicated, as are most early childhood educators, but it goes beyond that. Our teachers are deeply and thoroughly invested in creating an atmosphere in which each child can learn how to be his or her individual best. Of course, we use the Early Learning Standards in our planning but we aren’t satisfied with a check in the correct column of a checklist. We try to understand each child as an individual so that we can provide the support that will allow all of our children to thrive and grow physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Our community

The families who are drawn to Total Child may be from diverse backgrounds, but they are all committed to Total Child’s philosophy of being play-based, child-centered, and family-focused. I cannot say enough about what the parents contribute to the community. It is a pleasure to be in the hall during pick-up and drop-off. The warmth and support the staff receives from the parents is immeasurable. There is truly a sense of teamwork and collaboration.

Our partner

The First United Methodist Church of Evanston-First Church has invested in early childhood education for more than 60 years. The church supports us through use of the building and other resources yet allows us the freedom of providing a non-sectarian program so that we are able to welcome and serve a very diverse community.

Additionally, the beautiful building in which we are housed provides a setting that is breathtaking. Even the youngest of our children appreciate the beauty of this space.

Again, thank you for taking the time to learn a little about Total Child Preschool. I hope you will contact me to set up a tour. We love to meet new friends and share what is happening in our community!